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Platon 8' x 65'6" Air Gap Waterproofing Membrane

Platon Outperforms Alternate Waterproofing Systems

  • More economical
  • Installs easily in all weather conditions — dry walls are not required
  • Bridges cracks up to 1/4”
  • Unique double-dimple design provides higher crush strength and minimizes soil movement “drag” on the membrane
  • Fast and secure assembly with Speedclip or Speedstrip fasteners
  • Air gap allows water evaporating from concrete as it cures to go to the outside and the footing drain. Spray-on and peel & stick methods can drive hundreds of gallons of water from concrete as it’s curing to the inside of your basement where you don’t want it – this curing/evaporation process can last up to 3 years.
  • Approvals: NES Report #NER 514 — Waterproofing (IRC)

Platon Specifications

  • Working temperature: -58°F to +176°F (-50°C to + 80°C)
  • Softening temperature: 257°F (125°C)
  • Thermal resistance: R-0.68
  • Water Vapor Permeance = 0.05 Perms (per ASTM E96)
  • Air volume, dimpled side: 1 gal/yd2 (4.0 litre/m2)
  • UV stabilization: minimum 2% carbon black content
  • Toxicity: none — Platon is chemically inert and 100% environmentally friendly
Model : XSM2440
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