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Husqvarna 14" K750 Cut-Off Saw
The Husqvarna K 750 belongs to the new generation of power cutters – developed from the ground up, inside and out. Our unique engine technology, X-Torq®, brings you a highly powerful 5 hp engine with low emissions and good fuel economy. It’s simply a cleaner, more efficient engine. The K 750 is also equipped with a large, effective muffler and a vibration dampening system that makes the machine extra quiet and easy to use. As usual, all technical solutions are implemented with a clear focus on what is best for the user. And to ensure efficient cutting, without compromise.
  • 5 hp engine
  • 14" blade capacity
  • 5" max cutting depth
  • 21.4 lbs.
  • X-Torq® produces 75 % less emissions, 20 % lower fuel consumption and more power.
  • Active Air Filtration, centrifugal air cleaning in three stages, increases product life and extends service intervals.
  • Our anti-vibration system reduces vibrations in the cutter handles, so they are more comfortable to hold and can be used for longer periods.
  • SmartCarb, a built-in automatic filter compensation, maintains high power and lowers fuel consumption.
  • Patented, dust sealed starter unit, where the return spring and the pulley bearing are sealed. DuraStarter™ also includes a starter cord with greatly increased durability. This makes the starter virtually maintenance free, giving a further boost to the reliability of our cutters.
  • EasyStart ensures 50% easier starting by reducing the compression in the cylinder during starting.
  • All our cutters except the K 3000 Electric feature our robust new wet cutting kit, with low water usage.
  • The cutting arm is reversible which lets you cut closer to walls or the ground. The drive belt has a fully sealed transmission. This keeps out cutting dust etc, reducing wear.
  • Sealed transmission reduces the wear and slippage risk.
  • Fuel indicator on the tank shows fuel level, to help avoid unnecessary stoppages.
  • Easy-adjust blade guard
  • Replaceable arbor bushing
  • 25% less noise thanks to a larger muffler.
  • Integrated holder for T-wrench isolated near the water connection.
Model : 965142201
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