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Keson OTRS Series 300' Open Reel Tape, Fiberglass Blade
Our best housing offering in the fiberglass family. The OTRS series pairs an incredibly durable housing with our excellent blades. The housing features double rivets that provide added strength. End caps on the arms further protect the housing. The shovel handle with rubber over-mold keeps your grip sure and comfortable.

The 3X high-speed rewind gearing is made up of metal, strip- proof gearing.

  • Metal, strip-proof, gearing.
  • Blade and housing are rust & break-resistant.
  • Rubber shovel handle for a comfortable, “no-slip” grip.
  • Metal-reinforced crank handle lasts longer.
  • Double-throat rollers guide the blade return and prevent the tape from twisting.
  • Double-riveted housing for durability.
Model : OTRS18300
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