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Louisville Mini Fortruss Mobile Workstand
  • Center Locking Hinge.-Employs a springload, locking pin, which automatically locks center hinge tubes in place.
  • Two-Way Casters.- Four positive locking, ball bearing casters provide a stable base. Non-marring casters have a quick realse feature and are lock threaded into steel inserts in the scaffold's legs to reduce unit wobble.
  • Exclusive Steel Wrap Weld Connection.-Increases strength and durability.
  • Premium Powder Paint.- Baked on finish is durable and provides superior scratch and scuff resistance. Attractive, even coverage with no drips or runs.
  • Storage.- Folds easily for storage and transport. Specifications.- Adjustable height: The working height can be adjusted to 12", 24" , 36" and 48".
  • Ample Work Capacity: Provides a large 17"x43" work surface, along with 500 lbs. distributed load work capacity.
  • End frame stops.-Exclusive non-pinching stops limit rotation of end frame to 90.
Model : 149SM1404
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