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1 Lb. 3/4" Polymesh monofilament Fibers
  • Polymesh micro-fibers meet the material specifications described in ASTMC-1116, Type III, Section 4.1.3, "Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Concret or Shotcrete."
  • Will control shrinkage and thermal cracking
  • Will not rust or corrode
  • Will assist in preventing cracks, whereas wire mesh may influence cracking
  • Low cost alternative to wire mesh reinforcement
  • Reduces permeability to chloride and increases impact resistance
  • Chemically inert and non-hazardous, and will not react with any components normally incorporated in concrete
  • Contains no additives harmful to the skin when handling
  • Does not affect concrete pumpability, set time or finishing characteristics
  • Qualifies as non-structural fiber reinforcement in hardened concrete
Quick mix package is engineered from inert amorphous polymers and is designed to disintegrate in concrete, releasing the polymesh fibers for uniform dispersion. Approx 50 - 75 revolutions or 5 minutes

When used at an addition rate of 1-1/2 lbs. per cubic yard of concrete, polymesh will meet or exceed the specified value for performance level 1 of ASTMC-1116, 15 toughness index

Polymesh micro-fiber reinforcement may be used 1 lb. per cubic yard of concrete due to the increased number of micro-fibers per pound.
Model : 001
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