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Conspec 5 Gallon Cure and Penetrant
Cure & Penetrant is a unique blend of silanes and acrylic copolymers designed to provide excellent curing benefits to newly placed concrete along with a membrane/penetrating sealer for use on both new or existing
concrete. Cure & Penetrant forms a membrane on the surface, which helps to retain moisture within newly, placed concrete providing a curing membrane meeting ASTM C-309. The glossy film formed on the surface
provides excellent sealing characteristics and assists in the ability to clean the concrete, while the silane provides long-term resistance to freeze thaw damage and de-icing salt damage.     USE     Cure & Penetrant provides a combination curing, and penetrating sealing system for freshly finished exterior concrete surfaces. Cure & Penetrant may also be used on older existing concrete to provide excellent sealing
characteristics.     STANDARDS    

Meets ASTM C309

  • Cures (Meets ASTM C309)
  • Seals and protects concrete
  • Eliminates the need to come back after 28 days to seal
  • Provides a penetrating sealer, which has proven to provide longterm freeze thaw resistance.
  • Labor Savings vs. three step systems of cure, remove cure, and seal
  • Long lasting silane protection

Apply thin, uniform coats. Do not pond or puddle. Multiple light coats are preferable to a heavy coat. Use solvent resistant application equipment. Avoid overspray New Exterior Concrete - Apply  Cure & Penetrant immediately after all surface water has disappeared and the surface cannot be marred. Use low-pressure spray, roller or brush.


Not for interior concrete or floors with a hard steel trowel finish Not for use over existing sealed floors.

MSDS and Tech Data sheets available upon request

Model : 1391853
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