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Nox-crete 55 Gallon Duro-Nox Floor Hardener

Duro-Nox deeply penetrates the pores of concrete surfaces where it chemically reacts with the available lime to densify and harden the surface from within. Protection and wear resistance becomes a permanent part of the treated concrete.

  • Chemically active, water based, silicate type concrete floor hardener, sealer and dustproofer
  • Use on new or existing interior concrete floors
  • Ideal for warehouses, distribution centers, large retail centers, office complexes and much more
  • Increases resistance to abrasion, impact and wear
  • Soft or dusty concrete surfaces are densified, strengthened and sealed from dusting
  • Reduces the absorption of water, dirt, oil and grease, reducing cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Develops an attractive, glossy sheen through time with repeated use and cleaning
  • For immediate ultr-high gloss and for added slip resistance, apply Duro-Polish floor polish over Duro-Nox. Duro-Polish meets the static coefficient of friction requirements of ASTM D-2047
  • 20 year performance warranty is available

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Model : DN55
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