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Conspec 50 LB. Foundation Coat

Conspec Foundation Coat is a Portland cement based waterproofing material specifically designed to waterproof the exterior surface of below grade concrete and masonry. Conspec Foundation Coat's formulation is similar to concrete and becomes integral part of the wall when properly applied. Conspec Foundation Coat fills and seals the pores and voids in the surface but still allows full breathability.

Conspec Foundation Coat waterproofs all interior, external, above and below grade, masonry and concrete surfaces. Conspec Foundation Coat may effectively be applied to concrete block, brick, stone, precast concrete, formed concrete, or any other properly prepared and structurally sound concrete and masonry surfaces. Typical applications include foundations, and back coating between face brick and back-up units or many other below grade surfaces subject to water penetration. Conspec Foundation Coat is normally applied to the positive side but may be applied to the negative side when hydrostatic pressures are low.

MSDS and Tech Data sheets available upon request

Model : 139041
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