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SpecChem 50 LB. SpecRock Anchoring Cement

SpecRock is a one-component, waterproof, non-shrinking, Portland cement-based anchoring cement that sets hard in 8-10 minutes. It expands as it sets and locks into the surrounding concrete.

  • Quick setting; sets hard in 8-10 minutes; speeds production
  • Rapid high strength up to 4500 psi in 1 hour at 72°
  • Controlled expansion as it sets
  • Non-metallic; maintains volume stability over time
  • Waterproof, resistant to freeze/thaw provides durable, long-lasting applications
  • Flowable, and pourable mixture; user friendly application
  • Concrete gray color


  • Anchoring bolts
  • Reinforcing rods
  • Columns
  • Railings
  • Fences
  • Bolts
  • Small machines
  • Hand rails
  • Bridge railings
  • Posts
  • Signs
  • Pulleys and motors

Click here for MSDS sheet

Model : SROCK50
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