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Western Forms 2 x 4 Standard Waler Bracket
  • The Standard Waler Bracket has been improved to offer better performance.
  • It’s constructed from a stronger material and redesigned for enhanced operation and safety.
  • Use with all Western Forms® aluminum forming systems, except those with PinLock™.
  • Attaches directly to form panel with pin and wedge.
  • All brackets feature attachment hole for wall brace.
  • Rounded Edges increase your job site safety
  • Recessed saddle area makes your job easier by helping to strip the board
  • New design allows the Standard Waler Bracket to line up better with its counterpart, the PinLock™ Waler Bracket
  • Withstands tough application
  • Offers long life on the job with normal use
  • Available in 2”x4”, 2”x6”, and 2”x8”

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Model : 1710024
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