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Dee 24" Slide Bar Hangers #418
  • Adjustable hanger assemblies consist of a heavy-duty slide bar with an attached stake pocket.
  • The slide bars are normally 18" long for curb forming use and up to 48" long when used to form trenched footers.
  • Contractors can add interchangeable hanging elements to form straight and flexible steel curbs.
  • Adjustable hangers are available for steel forms curbs and gutters, trenched footers and extenders for edge forms.
  • Adjustable hangers are used for forming variable dimensions on step curb, curb & gutter, and trenched footers with exposed concrete.
  • Contractors receive a high degree of flexibility setting up forms in areas where unstable ground conditions, existing pavement, or non-standard forming conditions prevent normal forming setups plus several setup configurations can be made from the hangers and interchangeable elements saving both time and money.
  • Adjustable hangers provide forming versatility by allowing the use of a combination of components for specific common repetitive applications.
  • dee adjustable hangers save time and money. Using adjustable hangers saves the contractor time compared to building complex wood forms.
  • Standard lengths are 18", 24", 36" and 48" also available in any length required by special order.
Model : 13041824
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