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OSI SF-450 HD Sub-Floor & Construction Adhesive
  • SF-450™ can be used in most interior and exterior construction projects either on the job or the production line.
  • It bonds all wood to wood assemblies dry, wet or frozen.
  • Primarily designed for on-site bonding of sub-floor and plywood decking to joists during cold weather, it is suitable for use in a wide variety of building materials.
  • SF-450™ is suitable for use in drywall, plaster, metal, masonry, concrete, brick, ceramic tile, slate, treated lumber andmost other projects requiring an adhesive.
  • Ideal for use in prefab or modular construction.
  • 29 oz. catridge
  • Do not use on unlined expanded or extruded polystyrene plastic foam.
  • Do not use in areas where temperature may exceed 160°F

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Model : 45029
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